Helping people get where they need to go is no easy task in a large facility or on busy campus. We have from a simple, non-interactive way pointing solution through to a multilevel, dynamic path drawing to a more user friendly and interactive solution to help solve this cumbersome task.

We have a solution that will match your budget and needs!

Some of the most common applications are the following:

  • A hospital wayfinding system help patients and visitors find their way within the hospital. For example, if linked to the patient database prints a map to patients’ rooms can be generated.
  • In hotels and conference centers, we can connect with a scheduling system and has a large meeting schedule display in the lobby plus smaller panels by meeting room doors displaying the events inside
  • Mall shoppers key in a brand name product to learn which stores carry the product and get directions to the stores
  • Air travelers enter a flight or destination, find the gate number and learn where they can buy coffee on the way there
  • Facility managers easily and instantly update the system when a tenant moves in or out, and the change doesn’t cost a penny


  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Airports
  • Shopping Malls

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