Digital Signs, due to their dynamic nature, are superior in attracting the attention of your audience and having them recall displayed messages.

DBulletin brings the latest technology to a typical lobby directory, elevators and common areas. Digital displays will provide information about services, tenants, special announcements, local weather and news.

The high-resolution screens run 24/7 with frequent updates using videos, pictures and messages to communicate with the audience. Web based templates allow the staff, from the building, to control special messages that can be updated at any time with secured access.

This new program will become a revenue generator via sponsorships and promotions with your tenants and strategic partners.

The turn-key solution provided by DSignage includes creative design, production of the content, news feeds, updates and technical support.

DBulletin gets information to tenants and visitors more readily and efficiently in a format that is entertaining, functional and environmentally friendly.