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We help Health Institutions improve their communication with their visitors, patients, doctors, and employees.

By creating an effective network of digital displays and continuous content management, we help inform viewers about the hospital’s services, special procedures, personnel, benefits, sponsors and news updates.

Our system are also easily integrated with the existing cable TV provider system in the building. For a very low cost, we can showcase all the information displayed on the networked screens on a truly private TV channel which:

  • Informs patients and visitors about the institution
  • Promotes services and benefits to the right people at the right time
  • Reinforces hospital’s brand identity
  • Increases loyalty and return trips to the hospital
  • Builds partnerships & strategic alliances with vendors

Screens strategically placed throughout the common areas of the hospital where doctors, nurses, patients and visitors are exposed to their respective information. Establishes a medium of up to date information about hospital news, upcoming events, Continuous Medical Education (CME), while incorporating live RSS feeds for entertainment as well as news, sports, and children’s T.V. shows.

A great example of our experience in the healthcare industry can be seen in our case study with Baptist Health South Florida.