Macy’s Case Study

Macy’s Florida Main Aisle Promotions at Dadeland Mall

The Challenges:

• Implement a creative project to help increase sales and announce special promotions.
• Improve communication with the customers by using the latest in technology to provide relevant information about in –store events and promotions.


The Solution

  • This first-of-its kind concept consists of six (6) screens placed in the middle of the store’s main aisle.
  • Still images and videos are projected on the screens for promotions, advertising and store events.
  • The projection can be seen from both sides of the screen as you walk through the aisles.


The Outcome

• The program created a better shopping experience for the 1.2 million visitors that go through the store’s main aisle.
• Most major vendors who have participated in the program have seen a positive impact on sales and plan to continue to participate.
• The installation was awarded the DIGIAward for innovation on digital signage.