Baptist Health South Florida


Baptist Health South Florida Expands Digital Signage to 20 Medical Plazas

MIAMI, Florida (January 30, 2010) – Digital Signage Services, LLC (DSS) and Baptist Health South

Florida (BHSF) continue to expand the hospital’s use of digital signage by installing digital LCD

screens in the waiting area of 20 Medical Plazas in South Florida. The project is coordinated by DSS

and BHSF Media Services Department as part of BHSF’s initiative of   going GREEN and saving

money from printing, distribution, posting and later disposal of printed materials.

Guests and visitors to the medical plazas are able to enjoy regular TV programming while they wait in

the lobby and on the same screen, they will be able to read messages from the BHSF’s Marketing

Department as well as local information about each specific plaza.

All screens have been divided into three (3) “information zones” that can be dynamically updated from

a central location thus saving time and resources every time information needs to be updated (which is

very often….).

Other projects that have been adopted as part of this digital signage program are the Doctors’ Lounge

digital bulletin boards. The information to the Doctors includes Continuous Medical Education (CME)

programs, BHSF news and special events.

Also, over 10 different BHSF private in-room channels are maintained so that patients have access to

information on relaxation, meditation, health, etc…  All the content on these channels is developed in

its entirety by the Media Services Department and are professional productions based on photos,

videos and background music. Channels are available in English, Spanish and Creole.

Digital Signage Services LLC specializes in developing private digital signage programs that allow

clients to communicate their range of products and services in an effective and dynamic manner.