Intracoastal Yacht Club


The Customer:

Intracoastal Yacht Club (IYC).
795 unit rental apartment complex at Sunny Isles, FL

The Challenges

• To communicate community events, rules and happenings to tenants since they are continuously moving in and out.

• Replace advertising material left in the mail room and slip under the doors.

DGuide 003Gym and sauna


The Solution

Deploying the DGuide with 5-screens in portrait mode in main lobbies, reception areas and gymnasium that runs 24/7.
The DGuide features community news and regulations, calendar of events, maintenance updates, business news, weather and 3rd party advertising. Online templates allow management to change messages 24/7.

The Outcome

• Better 24/7 communication with tenants.
• Less calls to the manager’s office.
• Better understanding of rules and regulations.
• Upgrade in look and appeal of building.
• Less paper advertising.


Cartier Latin America in Lima Peru



The Customer:

After careful consideration from top management, Digital Signage Services LLC was chosen to help implement the first digital signage project for Cartier Latin America in the region.

The Challenge:

Moving from the traditional static lightboxes to dynamic digital signage.

The Solution


The Outcome

  • Save on printing, shipping and mounting cost.
  • Modernize and upscale the shopping experience.
  • Better showing of products: jewelry and time pieces.
  • Ease and flexibility of updates of marketing material.
  • Ability to play videos and high resolution images.

Miami International Merchandise Mart & Sheraton Miami Mart

miami martThe Customer:

The Miami International Merchandise Mart (MIMM) in conjunction with the Sheraton Miami Mart Hotel developed an innovative way to communicate, inform and entertain their visitors and tenants, The MIMM TV Channel.

The Challenge:

MIMM wanted to show dynamic messages and videos promoting the products and services offered, as well as general information about the Mart. They also wanted to list all stores with pictures and location maps. The purpose is to help shoppers and visitors find their way around, entertain and educate them with fashion tips.

The Solution:

We partnered with the mall to created MIMM TV Channel. The channel is being played on plasma screens at the Mart, in the hotel lobby and in all the rooms at the Sheraton Miami Mart Hotel.

The channel’s programming consists of three different segments of information:
1. MIMM Information: •Dynamic Directory – picture and reference map of all showrooms by floor and category.
2. Advertising: • Tenants can display their own advertising on the channel using pictures, video and audio.
3. Cable TV: entertainment and/or news from cable TV channels.

The Source by Circuit City Presented Digital Mats for “Back-to-School” promotion


The Customer: The Source by Circuit City

The Source by Circuit City did a special Back-to-School promotion in their top stores in the Greater Toronto Area.

The Challenge:

To promote a digital remix of their TV commercials, print ads and pictures of the main products for the back to school season.

circuit city 1Publication1

The Solution:

They presented Digital Mats and implemented a very catchy and appealing digital signage promotion. The mats were located at the store’s entrances and mobile phones and digital cameras sections. These Digital Mats are durable and can be stepped on without being damaged.


The Outcome:

The promotion lasted 90 days and was designed to help drive traffic and promote back-to-school products such as computers, accessories, digital cameras and cell phones.

Mayors and Birks Case Study

The Customer

• Birks & Mayors Inc.
• Leading North American Luxury brand, designer, manufacturer of fine jeweler, time pieces, sterling
silverware and gifts

The Challenges

• To welcomed Brazilian superstar jewelers, H. Stern, to their family of brands.
• Replace paper material and up scaling the visual appearance of the store.

Picture 025

The Solution

  •  Placement of six (6) digital screens of various sizes around the store.
  • A 50” plasma screen was the centerpiece with additional 42” screens as support.
  • The smaller screens were positioned in the outside windows facing the mall.

Product DFRAME_ Mayors HStern

The Outcome

• All screens were synchronized to create an audio visual experience that was entertaining and informative to the customer.
• Upgrade in look and appeal of building.

Miller Coors Case Study

The Challenges

• To promote their flagship brand Miller Light on high traffics bars and restaurants.
• To update their weekly promotions with partners without printing cost.
• Provide a new innovative promotional tool to bars and restaurants.
• Low cost, fast and efficient content updates.

The Solution

• 24” digital screens with customized frames and built in media players in key accounts.
• Screens were strategically positioned to maximize their exposure within the restaurant where there are many other TV screens.
• Screens were either wall or ceiling mounted depending on location.
• Some screens were positioned in the outside windows facing the street.


The Outcome

• Very well received by bar owners and managers as an innovative visual communication tool.
• High brand recall by customers.


Coming Soon!

Sarmiento innovates with new digital bus shelters

 sarmientoAn efficient, effective and profitable communication medium

Jan 2012. Publicidad Sarmiento one of the top outdoor advertising companies in Argentina, once again leads the way using innovative and custom made LED technology for bus shelters from Media Resources, USA and Canada.

The digital bus shelters initiative was deployed in Mar del Plata, Argentina, just in time for the summer holidays in this beautiful touristic city by the ocean south east of Argentina.

Advertisers heavily supported the digital bus shelters program. Complementing the advertisement, as a service to the community, Publicidad Sarmiento offers general information to the public, bus waiting time, local information, weather and show local news from MDZ, an online newspaper subsidiary Sarmiento.sarmiento-2

Using digital bus shelters produces efficiency in communications while lowering maintenance and operational costs of replacing ads. All of these factors result in a very positive return on investment.

“After evaluating and testing different suppliers from around the world, we decided to partner with Media Resources for their broad knowledge and experience in the outdoor industry and their complete project integration and turnkey solution to our needs” said Orlando Terranova, President & CEO of Publicidad Sarmiento.







Hines REIT upgrades their lobby in local headquarter in Miami

June 2008 – Global building management giant, Hines Real Estate Investment Trust Inc. (REIT), a major real estate investment firm based in Houston, with over 1,000 properties in over 100 cities worldwide, has installed DGuide in the lobby at the Airport Corporate Center (ACC) in Miami.

DGuide brings the latest technology to a typical lobby directory, elevators and common areas. With the use of plasma or LCD screens you will provide information about services, tenants, special announcements, local weather and news.

The high-resolution screens run 24/7 with frequent updates using videos, pictures and messages to communicate with the audience. Web based templates allow the staff, from the building, to control special messages that can be updated at any time with secured access.

“When people enter the building, the first thing they look at will be our screens and they will become a focal point for communicating with them” commented Assistant Property Manager, Walker Bruttschell.

Siemens Energy


siemens-1Quote from the Customer:

“Since 2006, Siemens Energy has been working with Keiki Enterprises, LLC (dba Digital Signage Services) for all of our e-TV projects. After researching and utilizing several unsuccessful larger suppliers, it was Keiki that understood our requirements and was most responsive to our needs. They went above and beyond to assess our facilities and proposed realistic and creative solutions.

In replacing all of our e-TV monitors in our Orlando facilities, Keiki worked many late evenings with our internal costumers accomplishing 100% on time project implemen- tation schedule and overall quality rating of over 95%. In a business where margins are tied Keiki remained collaborative and competitive pricing while providing us with creative and innovative solutions to meet all of our needs. Well done!”