Sarmiento innovates with new digital bus shelters

 sarmientoAn efficient, effective and profitable communication medium

Jan 2012. Publicidad Sarmiento one of the top outdoor advertising companies in Argentina, once again leads the way using innovative and custom made LED technology for bus shelters from Media Resources, USA and Canada.

The digital bus shelters initiative was deployed in Mar del Plata, Argentina, just in time for the summer holidays in this beautiful touristic city by the ocean south east of Argentina.

Advertisers heavily supported the digital bus shelters program. Complementing the advertisement, as a service to the community, Publicidad Sarmiento offers general information to the public, bus waiting time, local information, weather and show local news from MDZ, an online newspaper subsidiary Sarmiento.sarmiento-2

Using digital bus shelters produces efficiency in communications while lowering maintenance and operational costs of replacing ads. All of these factors result in a very positive return on investment.

“After evaluating and testing different suppliers from around the world, we decided to partner with Media Resources for their broad knowledge and experience in the outdoor industry and their complete project integration and turnkey solution to our needs” said Orlando Terranova, President & CEO of Publicidad Sarmiento.